THE definitive guide covering the digital signage, LED, projection, mobile interactivity, augmented reality and other associated sectors.

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Written by 18 industry experts and at just US$59.95/Euro 49.95/ £39.95 it is outstanding value for money.


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The definitive guide to the industry, this 1017 page book has 350,000+ words, 1,500+ images, 70+ videos. It is interactive and also printer friendly, simply print what you need.


  • Hundreds of inspirational ideas
  • Forget about the sales hype! Independent case studies to allow you to understand the real impact of this technology
  • Return on investment calculator making sure that your project makes financial sense
  • Purchasing advice ensuring you get the right product at the right price
  • Lists of vendors meaning you have the widest possible choice
  • Project


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The cost is £39.95, €49.95 $59.95 (Printed edition is an additional £15, €20 and $25 which includes post and packaging). This price includes 12 months use of the “Strategy Planner” and “Account/Project Manager”.


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